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2016: Bruce Kuhn


In 2016 Bruce Kuhn performed his Word By Heart Training in Ripon.

Word By Heart

The first disciples saw the Gospel stories happen.  They must have gripped their listeners: to have actually seen a withered hand become whole: to have heard every nuance of Jesus’ words.  Can we recapture the power and reality of an eyewitness account?

Using the tools of an actor and exegete, students imaginatively see and say what they meant.  If successful, what we ‘see’ will spark honest emotion and rich, subtle communication.  This is not ‘pretending’ in the way most people think of an actor playing a role.  Students will play themselves as if they had witnessed the event.  They will tell of it in their natural voice, using the exact words of scripture from memory.  The process applies to all storytelling. The goal is truth-full, technique-free relating of experience that gently compels an audience.

In the evening, Bruce performed The Gospel of Luke

According to the Guinness Book of Records the best-seller of all time is not Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, not even E L James’ Fifty Shades of Grey – it’s the Bible!  This book has influenced generations of individuals and changed civilisations and it revolves around the story of a carpenter from Nazareth, named Jesus.  Before it was written down this story was shared by word of mouth, and this is exactly how.

Broadway actor Bruce Kuhn presents

The Gospel of Luke

In a compelling ninety minutes, the words come alive with the urgency, passion and humour of someone who was there.  The show premiered at the acclaimed Actors’ Theatre of Louisville where

it was reviewed as

“joyous, stunning, a riveting theatrical experience!”

Bruce Kuhn appeared in Les Miserables on Broadway until he joined the National Tour of Chess. He also did the National Tour of Cotton Patch Gospel.  Three seasons at Actor’s Theatre of Louisville saw him in roles as diverse as D’Artagnan in The Three Muskateers, and Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  He now tours his solo performances of The Gospel of Luke, Acts, Tales of Tolstoy, and Cotton Patch Gospel to universities, churches and conferences across North America and Europe.  He received his classical training and Master of Fine Arts at the University of Washington in Seattle under Dr Robert Hobbs, and later trained with Uta Hagen in New York City.  He is husband to Hetty, and father to Frits and Juliette.

2014: Michael Card.

Michael Card & Maggie Card
Holy Trinity Church Ripon
2014 UK Tour